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I have a brand new website.  If you have time, be sure and check it out!

Yep, I'm from Louisiana, the newest hurricane ally in the US.  My area was hit by Rita in 2005.  I am so happy all that is over.  Well, 2008 wasn't a good year either.  Ike barely missed us.  Cameron received a lot of damage, so while you are seeing the news about East Texas, please remember the people in Southwest Louisiana too. 

I absolutely LOVE to write and create new worlds.  I hope all the readers who happen to buy or be given one of my stories will love what I've written.  Yes, it's the dream of all authors. 
A Note From Judith Leger

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to spread the news!  My 30k story, 'Heart's Reunion' has been contracted with The Wild Rose Press, Faery Rose Line.  I am so excited about this!  It's the second story set on Witch Mountain, the same setting for my Faery Rose Miniature, 'The Witch Within'. 

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She knows how to unravel secrets, but getting to the bottom of this one might just kill her.   Magic is for fools, television news reporter Caitlyn believes. And she's no fool. She...
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Available Now!
Dragon Wish

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Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Souls - Heart of Compassion

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