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Judy Keith

Judy and Keith have been married for over forty years.
They're now semiretired and living in the South Bay, Los Angeles. Both were born and raised in England in the early fifties and relocated to Los Angeles in the late eighties.
They have two sons and two grandsons.

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A Note From Judy Keith

Our grandchildren inspired us to write. Thay wanted us to tell them stories, and we tried to incorporate a moral in each one. What started as bedtime stories has evolved, they're getting older, and the themes are more adult. Along the way, friends requested stories or suggested ideas, but we always keep an acid rule--would we be happy if our kids read it.



Current Releases
Simon didn’t even graduate, but Lacy never forgot him. She followed her dream to become a Cordon Bleu chef. He followed his to become a rock star. Will fate play a hand?
Available Now!
Let's Jam
Everything changes after Elizabeth discovers a letter inside a secondhand piano. It brings much more than music into her family life. Is the piano haunted?
Available Now!
The Concert Pianist
Shayla’s an only child, but ever since the vase was broken she feels an intense desire to run, but where to? What does it mean?​
Available Now!
Mystery of the Broken Vase
Santa's village is deserted. Where did everyone go? The Good Fairy is at a loss. What can two young boys do to solve the mystery and save Christmas?
Available Now!
Santa's Village is Deserted. Why?
The Good Fairy wakes up and screams. Her hands are gnarly and bent. The Wicked Witch has cast a spell and switched bodies with the Good Fairy. Can the Good Fairy reverse the spell? Who will believe her?
Available Now!
The Wicked Witch and the Switch
Paul has no friends. One day he meets Henry, a talking earthworm in the vegetable patch at the end of the garden. Adventures soon follow.
Available Now!
The Friendly Worm and the Lonely Boy
The moon has eaten the sun. What has happened? Will the darkness last forever? A young girl goes on a quest to discover the answer to how to turn the sun back on.
Available Now!
The Day the Sun Disappeared
Nicole and James have a summer reading project. It sounds boring, but they both really relate with the main characters, and take it in turn being the little slave girl. Then Nicole goes missing. Are there clues in the story for James to find? ...
Available Now!
Little Slave Girl
In the first of two short stories, the Wicked Witch tries to ruin the Good Fairy’s birthday. Will the Treasure Fairy, the Good Gnome, and the Tooth Fairy be able to save the day? The second, two children and their pets get transported to a m...
Available Now!
The Fairytale Birthday and the White Rhino
It's a mystery and Mrs. Claus is at her wit's end. Where’s Santa? She requests help from the Good Fairy who recruits two young detectives. Will the boys solve the problem in time to save Christmas?
Available Now!
The Green Knight and the Dragon Warrior save Santa
It will soon be Sydney's birthday, and last year she wanted a puppy. Maybe this year, she'll get one. Coming home from school, she rescues a small bedraggled puppy and takes it home. Her kind action kick starts a series of amazing events. ...
Available Now!
The Lost Puppy
There’s an estate clearance sale and everything has to go. A magical family is split up. Can Nanny and the gardener reunite the teapot and the kettle?
Available Now!
The Teapot And The Kettle
It all goes wrong after William and Graham discover the Good Fairy's spells. What did the Wicked Witch do? The Good Fairy seems helpless as the witch goes on a rampage. Can the Treasure Fairy save the day?
Available Now!
The Wicked Witch the Hacker
What is going on downstairs? Something had woken Graham and he had to investigate. What he finds shakes his beliefs to the core. All the cuddly toys are alive, and his favorite teddy bear is a bully. What should he do?
Available Now!
Big T
A cold damp winter is fast approaching and the Wicked Witch needs a warm cloak. Could the squirrels be the answer? Not if the Good Fairy has anything to do with it.
Available Now!
The Wicked Witch and the Squirrels
What can a young girl do to help a little unicorn find her parents? Samantha finds out courage and love are her weapons as she battles the evil circus owner.
Available Now!
The Lost Unicorn
William has a mission, to disprove the existence of the Treasure Fairy. Instead, he discovers a world full of magic and detective abilities he didn’t realize he had.
Available Now!
Treasure Fairy
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Charlie at work

Charlie at work
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