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Judy Mays

Sexier than a Hollywood starlet! More buxom than a Vegas show girl. Able to split infinitives with a single key stroke!
Look! At the computer!
It's a programmer!
It's a computer nerd!
No! It's - Judy Mays!
Yes, Judy Mays - romantica writer extraordinaire who came to Earth with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal authors. Judy Mays! Who can write wild, wanton werewolves; adorable, alluring aliens; vexing, vivacious vamps;  hot, haunting historicals; compelling, combustible contemporaries; sexy,  surprising suspense, and cagey, cuddly kitty cats; and, who, disguised as a mild-mannered tenth grade English teacher in a small public high school, fights a never ending battle for Hot Hunks, Hip Heroines, and Salacious Sensuality!

Email her at or write: Judy Mays PO Box 164 Selinsgrove, PA  17870

Better yet, join her group at

Current Releases
Princess Jami of Mediria is determined to give her adopted sister Brianna of Earth a Christmas to remember, even though she’d never heard of the holiday before Brianna described it so longingly. Descending on the snowy estate of the Alalakan cl...
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Celestial Passions 2: Celestial Christmas
Thousands of years ago, the dols and the orcs disappeared from the aquatic planet of Mediria because the three races refused to stop warring with one another. Their departure in huge space ships so shocked the Medirians, Aradabs, and Nissians that th...
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Celestial Passions 1: Meri, Brianna, Sheala
Dr. Jonathon Claus has finally achieved his dream. He's in charge of a rural medical clinic in Idaho. Treating injured tourists is fine, but what he really enjoys is taking care of the area's residents, many of whose families have lived in th...
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Reindeer Games: Jingle Buds
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For twenty long years, no druid has inhabited the tower in the dryad's valley, leaving them vulnerable to humans who'd cut down their trees. Finally, though, a mage who can protect their sacred grove has arrived seeking the magical knowledge ...
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The Dryads' Tower
What do you do with a two-hundred-pound stripping Santa who's freezing his jingle balls off? Warm him up and drop him into your hot tub, what else? Then make very sure he's completely thawed out... Two nights before Christmas, Ruth...
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Jingle All the Way (Collection)
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Thousands of years ago, the dols and the orcs disappeared from the planet Mediria because the three races of the aquatic planet refused to desist fighting their racially motivated wars.  Their amazing departute in huge space ships so sh...
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Celestial Passions: Meri

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