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Jules Radcliffe has been writing fiction since childhood. Jules loves vintage items, from advertising posters and pulp fiction covers to Art Deco furniture to Victorian sex toys, and lives happily with an unconventional family near the beach in Australia.

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Loose Id
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After months of furtive assignations, Ash’s lover leaves him for a life of riches and respectability. Angry and heartsore at his rejection, Ash has no one to confide in. Neighboring farmers Seth and Dougal accidentally discover his secret. T...
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Barn Dance
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Jake Huntington is a notorious womanizer, plunging blithely into one liaison after another, with no intention of settling down.  Ash Moore is sexier than any woman Jake has ever met. Although he has always been curious about men, Jake has n...
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A Summer Pursuit
World War One. The Western Front. Winter. Duke Lindsay is going to die. He knows it’s only a matter of time. The war that was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime has turned into a terrifying nightmare that has crushed his once carefre...
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Poppies in Paris

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