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Julia Daniels

Julia Daniels is a writer of Happily Ever After novels.

She grew up loving British literature and many of her recent works have been set in Victorian and Georgian England. No matter what the conflict, she promises that the book will leave you smiling!

Julia lives in Nebraska, USA with her husband and children, many many cats and a fat dog aptly named Pudgy.

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Current Releases
Lord Maxwell Brandon is a flawed man. He lives daily with the ugly memories of the death and destruction he witnessed during England’s war with Napoleon. He has become a recluse, avoids people as much as he can, knowing anything can trigger the...
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The Earl Next Door
World War I, England.  Jilted by her earl beau, Elizabeth sails across the sea to spend time with her grandparents and lick her wounds.  1917 Nebraska, USA.  Graham has big problems. Two small kids, a farm to run, and no wife to h...
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Duchess on the Run
Nebraska, 1920  Chloe Brandt wants to be a flapper. She's got the whole uniform down pat, from the bobbed hair to the short skirts that ride above the knee when she dances The Charleston. She left the stifling confines and domestic violen...
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Choices of the Heart
As an obstetrician, volunteer and caretaker to several eccentric family members, Lillian Smythe has a full life. So when Aunt Fran does her annual birthday tarot reading and predicts Lillian will meet her true love, she's not sure that's a bl...
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Birthday Blessing
Fearing retaliation from the Mob boss she ratted on to the Feds, Sabrina Marconi knows she has to disappear. When she finds an employment offer for a cook on a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere, she jumps at the chance and changes her name to Lau...
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Ranch Hideout

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