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Julia Davies is the day-to-day alter ego of a leather clad superhero, who spends her nights saving the world and rescuing the innocent... 

Maybe in her dreams. In reality, Julia lives in Yorkshire, England, where she works in an office while worrying that the characters in her books lead more interesting lives than she does. 

Julia never intended to write erotic romance, originally starting out with poetry and young adult fantasy novels. The discovery of slash fanfiction changed all that and she began posting stories online soon after. Whilst still pursuing her fantasy ideas, she realised that she could indulge her love of slash fiction and use it in original fiction as well.

For more information, visit her on livejournal or at her website (below).

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Jai Hanson knows that Dane is his mate; he's known it since they met. If only he could get Dane to realize it too. Dane Bryant joined his new wolfpack in an effort to leave his old life behind, to protect the secret he has kept hidde...
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Out of the Shadows
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It's just your typical love story: new guy in town meets his ideal man, who turns out to be a werewolf... Andy McEwen thinks he's going to like it here; new town, new home, new job, and then there's the leather-clad, motorcycle-riding sex-god who...
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Bark at the Moon

Visit Julia Davies's website:

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