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Julia Knight

Julia knight lives with her husband and two children in Sussex, UK. When not writing she likes motorbike, watching the wrestling - it's the musckes, sweat and baby oil combo - and exloring new ways to ge a giggle out of life.
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      Privateer Van Gast thrills in capturing treasure; delights in pulling off elaborate scams; and has an outrageo...
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Ten Ruby Trick
Nice girls love a sailor. Naughty girls are quite partial, too. When a man she thought she loved offered Lady Catherine Harcourt a life wrapped in a velvet bow, she took it. That life wrapped her in velvet chains. Now her status as a respectab...
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The Wicked Lady
Oathcursed Book One He destroyed a continent. Dethroned a god. Now her love will destroy him… Hilde is shunned for her strange looks and ability to dream the future, both unwelcome gifts of the half-kyrbodan blood that flows in her veins. One o...
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Ilfayne's Bane

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