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I've been writing for most of my life now. I raised my five children before I got serious about it and started with a three-act play called Angel in the House. I had gone back to college in my late thirties, taking every writing and English class I could find to prepare for what I was about to do: write a novel. I completed my first one, Quantum Earth in early 2009. After that I couldn't stop myself and wrote three more. Now I'm in the very beginning stages of my latest work. I have a wonderful partner and live on the north coast of California with my youngest son.

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I have been told that I have a very unique writing style that readers enjoy. I've written books about the 2012 phenomena (Quantum Earth), a woman trapped in her nightmares (Deadly Lucidity), a town cursed by an ancient shaman (Native Vengeance), and a romance thriller about a woman who falls in love with a very different kind of vampire (Earthwalker). So, basically, there's something for everyone! I haven't hit the big time yet, but I'm just going to keep on plugging along, writing books until I can't see the keyboard anymore.

Current Releases
Willa has lost her only son in a tragic accident. Then she and her husband couldn't stay together any longer. Now she is alone and going downhill fast. She takes a trip backpacking in the high country wilderness near Mt. Shasta, California. Bu...
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Earthwalker- Earth can be Hell for a Vampire
Meg is a lonely woman who makes a new friend on the internet named Claire. Claire invites her to come for a weekend visit to her small town. But when she goes to see Claire things begin to get stranger and stranger. She realizes that there is some...
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Native Vengeance
A team of metaphysical scientists, along with a trance channeler, investigate why natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis are becoming increasingly dangerous and anihilating whole populations of people on the Earth. Could the Mayan predict...
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Quantum Earth

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