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Julie Howard is the author of the Wild Crime series. She is a former journalist and editor who has covered topics ranging from crime to cowboy poetry. She is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and founder of the Boise chapter of Shut Up & Write. Learn more at

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Paige Norman believes in a tangible, explainable world. When her ghost-hunting niece comes for a visit, she tries not to scoff. But someone, or something, is stirring up trouble at the Deerbourne Inn and her niece, Jillian, is at the center of the my...
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Spirited Quest
Meredith knows three things: First, the man in the library begged her to help him. Second, he was afraid of his wife. Third, now he’s dead. While the evidence first points to a natural death, Meredith is certain there’s more to discove...
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Crime Times Two
Meredith has been uprooted to the middle of nowhere with two kids and an abusive husband. After she fantasizes about ways to kill him, he ends up murdered. Despite all the evidence pointing to her, Meredith finds an unlikely supporter and friend in t...
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Crime and Paradise

A Peek Into the Life of Julie Howard

Idaho is an amazing place to live. I've been here nearly 20 years now.

Idaho is an amazing place to live. I've been here nearly 20 years now.
One of my writing groups in Boise

One of my writing groups in Boise

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