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As an ex-fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain says that, in a way, writing fiction is a lot like photography. She takes a few elements—models and clothes in photography, characters and setting in her writing-and makes them come alive in a compelling story.

Ever since she wrote a tragic tale of two kittens back in sixth grade, (it made her cry), Juliet has had a yen to write. Now that she's put down her camera, she indulges herself by writing short steamy romances with models, er, heroes, like a passionate sea captain, a sweet-natured hunk of a werewolf, and the devil's own sexy-as-hell grandson—every one of them ready to fulfill his lady's deepest desires.

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Current Releases
Black leather bustier, a whip, and man who appreciates them. To her surprise, Miss V finds being in charge in the bedroom can be satisfying.    When the fabulously wealthy want to go wild, Kink Inc. sends Miss V to help them realize t...
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Mr. C: Kink Inc Book 3
How many orgasms can one woman stand? Miss V is about to find out.   Three women to one gorgeous man in a room of mirrors. Mr. B is as tied up and helpless as Miss V while two minxes work together to take them each past the point of no retur...
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Mr. B: Kink Inc. Book 2
A short, hot, bedtime read with a lot of dominance, some ménage, and a little spanking—all in a moving vehicle.   The inexperienced Miss V joins the mysterious and demanding Mr. A for a steamy fling. She's prepared to acqu...
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Mr. A: Kink inc.
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She didn't know she was a cougar until she met him. He's hot and willing. Can age make a difference?   Lauren's a fan of one-night stands. But she has rules. She has to know a guy a little, she's not going to let sex get too ...
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Making Music
She knew he watched her through the window, now he's coming to make her scorching fantasies about him very, very real.   The man from across the way comes calling. She is ready to tantalize and submit. Will he give her everything she cra...
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The Intruder
  They've been best friends forever. Can their secret passion for each other survive the class reunion from hell?    After years apart Dana and Nicholas meet at their class reunion, each hoping the other will feel more than ...
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Class Reunion
A short, hot, bedtime read with a lot of dominance, some ménage and a little spanking—all in a moving vehicle. Breaking up with her bland, dull boyfriend is just the beginning of Miss V's quest to spice up her life. Soon she's...
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Mr. A, a Kink, Inc. story
  What's a handsome Gypsy to do when a beautiful noblewoman throws herself at him? Can Cambio Adams resist and keep his promise to his betrothed? There's a reason the Gypsy clan's wise-woman says sweethearts Cambio and T...
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To Tempt A Gypsy (Gypsy Lovers 4)
  Will widowed Joanna Daniels choose a life of security and privilege with a wealthy lord or will she follow her heart and run away with the Gypsy laborer she loves?   Joanna Daniels is a widow who wants a father for her son....
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The Gypsy & the Widow
Lord Harry Beresford is used to having everything his way— that is, until he falls in love with Gypsy singer Talaitha Grey. Proud Talaitha is as unimpressed by his title as she is by his wealth, but can she fight her powerful attraction to...
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For the Love of a Gypsy Lass
While trying to woo Gypsy singer Talaitha Grey, Lord Harry Beresford does everything wrong. Is her attraction to him strong enough that she can forgive him?   Lord Harry Beresford is used to having everything his way—that is, u...
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For Love of a Gypsy Lass
Forced to become a proper young lady, Lucy-Ann Spencer rebels against the rules of high society to claim her freedom and her Gypsy lover. Dragged off to London kicking and screaming, Lucy-Ann Spencer refuses to become a proper young lady. Des...
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A Proper Lady's Gypsy Lover
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  Certain that the woman he adores could never love a man who was also a wolf, Michael keeps his passion for her a secret. As the alpha wolf, Michael is big, powerful, and dangerous. He's spent years giving in to his animal instin...
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Cry of the Wolf
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Against his conscience, Captain Edward Howland buys a night with the enchanting and mysterious masked courtesan, Lady Amelia Kentley, and their evening together becomes far more than either expected. As her first night as a courtesan approache...
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The Captain & The Courtesan
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