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After months of travel, fighting evil groping ghouls and feisty Frankensteins, Jonathan Woodcock has finally returned home! Having escaped from the distant castle of Count Shagula and the vampire’s very naughty sex dungeon, Jonathan is happy to...
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The Revenge of Count Shagula
When the budding and sexually-repressed young accountant Jonathan Woodcock was sent to the distant lands of Transylvania, he expected only a dull and uneventful trip. Instead, he began a series of erotic adventures that would see him go up against th...
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Tales of Monsterotica: Anthology Collection Book One
Deep in the Egyptian sands lurks the lost pyramid of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, known throughout history for his bountiful lusts but lost to the mists of time. Or is it? Because who else would unearth the tomb but Jonathan Woodcock, infamous up-and...
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The Curse of the Mummy's Wang
When young Jonathan Woodcock escaped the evil Count Shagula, he hoped that his days of sexual bondage would be over. Not so fast, Mister Woodcock! Meet Doctor Wankenstein, the greatest scientist of the age! In this tale of warped sexual desires, t...
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The Madness of Dr. Wankenstein
High in the Transylvanian mountains looms Castle Shagula, the home of an infamous vampiric count with a thirst for the life fluid of young men. And Johnathan Woodcock is on his way there! Stay beside Johnathan as he explores the terrors of Castle ...
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The Castle of Count Shagula

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