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Justin is a commercial writer by profession and likes to relax writing sensual gay romance stories, often spiced with murder-mystery or mystery-suspense themes. 

Over recent years he has counselled and assisted a large number of gay youths in Australia and some overseas. His contribution to a video supporting the 'It Gets Better' project provides some detail, commencing at the 7 mins 55 secs mark here:

As the video shows, he’s had exposure to a range of issues confronting gay youths and families. Some of the themes of Paul & Sam are amalgams of many of the experiences encountered. So too is another YA work, Alex & Drew, which he intends extending and releasing on Smashwords in 2014. 

He has several other works in progress all of which, he expects, will be released over the next two years. He believes his interest in the murder/mystery/suspense themes of his stories can be traced back to his love of Agatha Christie books with doses of Mike Hammer thrown in.

When not mulling over a manuscript or business document, he might be out fishing, yachting or surfing and having friends around for barbies with drinks and plenty of banter. 

Cheers and happy reading.

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A Note From Justin South

19yo Paul lives a lonely, tormented existence. One night he meets Sam in extraordinary circumstances. He discovers Sam hero-worships him for saving his cousin from drowning after a cowardly beach incident. 

Blinded by his infatuation for Paul and devastated by the death of Tim, his twin brother, Sam passionately pleads to his hero, to become his partner. While deciding, Paul is swiftly drawn into Tim’s psychic maze of cryptic messages. Does Tim empower Paul to identify the culprit who caused his cousin’s near-death? Does Paul also solve the mystery surrounding Tim’s passing?

Follow Paul’s journey to love and happiness. Share the passion as two young men overcome insecurities and develop their innate strengths. Admire the kindness and generosity of Sam’s family as it assists others less fortunate. Deliberate the madness of revenge leading to the exposure of evil judicial corruption and a suspenseful court case.

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Paul & Sam

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Cover of my latest novel, Paul & Sam

Cover of my latest novel, Paul & Sam
Cover of my short story, Reflections

Cover of my short story, Reflections
Cover of my free novella, Alex & Drew

Cover of my free novella, Alex & Drew
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