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I'm a former journalist of more than 20 years now dedicated to something I actually know something about: sex. (Don't search K.C. Cave, though--it's a pen name.) My characters are real people and I like to make them funny. I also like to make the sex explicit. Funny, isn't it, that explicit sex is more or less taboo, while violence is okay? Not ha-ha funny, though.

I like erotica where no one gets hurt and everyone has fun--and gets off. Including the reader.

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Current Releases
In this sequel to Welcome to the Club, Mr. P, the newest member of an exclusive men’s club (for those “who enjoy the Greek side of things”) is tasked with setting up the next quarterly meeting. And by “meeting,” they mea...
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The Glory Hole Shebang
Sometimes submission just isn't enough, especially if you're a woman who is experienced in the ways of interracial love. In this sequel to Making Michael Obey, marital bliss had ended for newlyweds Junie and Michael only six months into their...
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Making Michael Submit
The brat’s rich parents drowned on their swingers cruise—and Hannah was rich. Hormones raging, she set her sights on Angus, the unsuspecting college grad she secretly watched pleasure himself each day. The brat hatched a plan to right a w...
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Seeding the Brat
After Alison posted to the internet a homemade porno of her girlfriend bringing hersefl to an orgasm, hundreds of women responded asking for help. Who knew so many women don’t know how their lady parts work? They draw up a business plan, and th...
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China Dragon
Remy reads the demand letter from her ex’s lawyer saying she owes more money, and she’s fuming. Then she hears an ad on the radio: “Does the legal profession owe you one? You may qualify for a new and free legal service.” Late...
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The Nude Deposition
Can you get paid to teach a woman how to masturbate? Alison and her new girlfriend, Moriah, find out that yes, you sure can! It’s like this: After a homemade porno of Moriah jilling-off to a bone-shattering orgasm accidentally got posted to the...
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Come Again
Alison is a normal, gorgeous, early-thirties woman with a hobby—sex. Wearing a strap-on vibrator with a remote control, she jills-off in a park, leading to her first lesbian seduction, anonymous sex with a well-hung guy in a forest glen, and a ...
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Alison's Erotic Adventures
A young man discovers the joy of prostate play. How cool: A new way to orgasm! But if playing with a plastic dildo is fun, what about the real thing? A real cock up his ass, probing and rubbing his gland? He’s not gay, which is a problem. He se...
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Welcome to the Club
After taking seven horny steelworkers on a busted pool table in Upping the Ante, Alison was ready for something different. She pulled a mashed-up business card out of her purse, the one that she got from the cop she seduced a couple of weeks before. ...
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Lip Service

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Upping the Ante

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Alison's New Toy
This 5-story value pack features mega-teaser Junie and her boyfriend Michael. She makes life miserable for him—seducing, spanking, licking and tormenting him all over the house just because he wants to loll her around on their new bed. It's...
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Making Michael Obey
Michael's hot, teaser girlfriend lures him to the kitchen, where she needs his help fixing dinner. How little does he suspect how intimate his contribution to the meal will be. This 1,700-word erotic short story features female and male masturbat...
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Michael is transported to a 1950s sitcom after he arrives home from a hard day at work. Junie, his live-in girlfriend and an epic tease, has gone all June Cleaver on him--candlelight, soft music and the dining room table set with cloth napkins and th...
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Junie lures her live-in lover Michael into the spare bedroom, where she traps and tortures him with a variety of new sex toys--a paddle, a riding crop and a butt plug. After she releases him, they make passionate love. This lighthearted, 2000-word er...
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A sexy woman on a solo outing to a friend's condo is all set for her big date with herself--a bottle of wine, a Clooney flick on her tablet and her favorite strap-on vibrator snug between her legs. But just as she reaches for the vibrator's r...
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Big Date
When teasing goes too far: A sexy young woman interrupts lovemaking on the couch and lures her live-in boyfriend into a tiny powder room. Turns out this teaser has an agenda--and it doesn't include going back to the couch. An erotic short story w...
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