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I live in the Midwest where the cold wind blows in the winter and spring and summer is gorgeous! I love spending time at the local animal shelter, and wish I could adopt them all. When I'm not writing, I love to garden and read. Here's my latest releases:
Where The Rain Is Made - The Wild Rose Press, (time-travel/historical)

Sojourn With A Stranger,
New Concepts Publishing, (paranormal/historical)

Blood Lust - Celestrial Books, (paranormal/vampire) and One Romance E-books,

I hope you'll visit my web site and blog and find out more about my books. I love to hear from friends and readers. 

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The Sacred Council of Arrows chooses time wanderers to aid the Cheyenne in times of trouble. They cannot change the past, only influence with hope that their advice will be put to good use.

Ethan Gray of modern time is chosen to go back to 1864 because of his knowledge of the people. He’s known as Meko in this time, the leader of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. When Meko captures Francesca (Cesca) Duvall, he never thought he would be in jeopardy of losing his heart. His stay in the past will eventually come to an end when the Council decides he has fulfilled his mission. Or if he is on the threshold of death, he must then let the power of the raven course through his veins and take him to the heavens and back to the present. Only now he fears he cannot do as the Council bids when is heart and soul belongs to Cesca.

When Cesca is first taken, she bravely stands up to Meko, stating she will never accept her life among the Cheyenne. Brave words, but her heart has other plans and she finds herself longing for Meko’s touch.

Marsh Duvall, Cesca’s brother is also taken in the raid, but his captor, Choking Wolf takes great delight in abusing him. Cesca can’t stand by and see her little brother hurt. She vows to see him safely away from the Cheyenne, even if it means her death.

Through the lives of these three people, Ms. Bryan spins a vivid account of how grueling and sometimes brutal the life of a Dog Soldiers could be. I loved how she wove the rituals and beliefs of the Cheyenne people throughout the tale as if you were there seeing it first hand. The passion between Cesca and Meko is endearing as they learn to trust and accept each other for who they truly are. Marsh’s acceptance of the Cheyenne ways is believable, giving a full account of the ordeal expected of him to become a Dog Soldier. I also liked her secondary characters. Brown Wing, the old woman who befriends Cesca and Strikes First’s, who is loyal to Meko.

This is a historical romance sure to magically sweep you back in time. A must read!

Time Travel, Magic and Otherworldly Romance ... Embrace your destiny!

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Sojourn With A Stanger, New Concepts

Sojourn With A Stanger, New Concepts
Where The Rain Is Made, Wild Rose Press

Where The Rain Is Made, Wild Rose Press
Meko from Whree The Rain Is Made

Meko from Whree The Rain Is Made

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