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K. D. Berry is the pen name of Kevin and Diane Berry, who graduated with science and arts degrees respectively from Canterbury University, New Zealand. They spent a lengthy stint in London, England, where Kevin worked in IT and Diane worked in travel, but occasionally they escaped the office to hone their creative imaginations in the remoter regions of the UK, Italy and mountain walking in Switzerland. In 2005 they returned to Christchurch, New Zealand.  They continue to write fiction and enjoy sharing their quirky ideas with the unsuspecting general public. Creative writing has always been a passion of theirs, and they found writing together to be a unique challenge, involving endless late nights, copious takeaways and lengthy discussions about the colour of a dragon’s skin or the social etiquette of goblins. It was also immense fun so they plan to do it again..

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It seemed like such a good idea at the time ... a wager with the devious, dangerous and probably quite deranged King Davkosh of the Southern Realms.  Half the kingdom staked in a race between mystery contenders.  Ten leagues, point to po...
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Dragon's Away

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