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K. G. McAbee has been writing full time since 1999. She sold her first short story to the perspicacious Canadian sf/f magazine Challenging Destiny, and shortly thereafter won first prize in the Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest. Her first book, a dark fantasy called Escape the Past, won the prestigious Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence from Reviewers International. Her books have been or will be published by Calderwood Books, Double-Dragon Ebooks, Awe-Struck Books, Moonstone Books, Altus Press, Uncial Press and Wild Cat Books. Her short fiction has appeared in Challenging Destiny, Romance & Beyond, Classic Pulp Fiction, Startling Stories, The Eternal Night, Crimson, Dark Wisdom, Without a Clue and other magazines, and in Amazon Shorts.  


When she’s not writing or reading, she spends time with her husband and dogs in upstate South Carolina, in a log cabin built in 1818 surrounded by gardens and creeks. Please visit her website at: or email her at:




§         Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence, 1999

§         Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest, 1st prize, 1999

§         Independent E-Book Award for Best Reference Book, 2001

§         Eppie Award Finalist, 2001

§         Dream Realm Award Finalist, 2002

§         Sapphire Award Finalist, 2003

§         Derringer Award Finalist, 2004

§         Eppie Award Winner, 2005

§         Dream Realm Award Winner 2007, Best YA Fantasy


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Ariela Harrington knows her brilliant father Cadmion couldn't have committed suicide in the icy waters of Loch Ness. So, being an independent young Victorian lady of some means, Ari and her servant Sophy proceed to Scotland to discover the truth,...
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A Doleful Kind of Singing

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Brass and Bone
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  Queen Victoria has been on her throne for nearly fifty years. Trains link the cities of Great Britain and new ideas and inventions are burgeoning. In the midst of all this science and technology, Ariela Harrington knows there is no plac...
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A Doleful Kind of Singing
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