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As an early Christmas gift, I scored an exclusive invitation to a Hilltop House party. I’d heard the rumors about what goes on there—orgies, ménages, voyeurism—and I planned to be a little voyeuristic myself. I’d bee...
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Jingle Balls
Book three in the Come Together series.   He’s a lucky SOB, but Brice Winston’s life wasn’t always so easy. His struggle to survive at an early age turned him into a man who needs control—both in and out of the...
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Comfort Zone
Epilogue to Songbirds   Cross Strickland, Ava Monroe and Knight McKay have been a tight threesome for almost a year. But now Ava is pulling away, and the men don’t know why. Faced with the fear of their trio becoming a duo, Knig...
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Strike a Chord
Sequel to Text Me.   Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Peter Goodwin is on vacation. With no family of his own, he heads out on post-deployment leave to a buddy’s hometown. He expected snow, some relaxation and maybe a willing woman. ...
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Faithful to a Fault
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Staff Sergeant Travis Donovan is on the hunt for his little sister. Though he hasn’t spoken to her in years, his last deployment reminded him how short life is, and it’s time to reconnect. Only problem? The one piece of contact informa...
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Text Me
Seduction in a song is twice as sweet… Cross Strickland is the king of his empire. As the CEO of a major record label, his life is work and he leaves room for little else. Women are for stress relief and plus ones at events. Emotional attac...
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