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    K. L. Parry was born in Alaska in 1959 where her father, serving in the U.S. Air Force, had been stationed. Her family later relocated to Colorado and then to Texas after her parents divorced, finally landing with her mother and sisters in California where she currently lives.
    At an early age Parry developed an active imagination and frequently entertained herself, her sisters and friends by leading them on treasure seeking excursions. 
    Excelling at creative writing in junior high and high school she then turned her attentions to the art field, entering community college to major in Fine Arts. Parry dropped-out during her second year, but never lost her creative abilities, her knack for imaginative thinking and her longing for adventure.
    In 1991 she fell in with a troupe of performers and acrobats, learning the art of Rosinback Riding. With her two small children in tow, she followed the circuit of renaissance fairs, county fairs and completed a 5 week run as a performer with Circus Flora until an accident in an arena shook her confidence. She retired from Rosinback Riding the following year, ending a stint of nearly 10 years as a performer. 
    However, that course change did not alter Parry's desire for adventure nor did it inhibit her creative talents. She returned to her first love, writing, and began composing.  On November 3, 2010 she pre-released her debut novel, THE PIRATE'S DAUGHTER AND A KING'S RANSOM: A HIGH SEAS ADVENTURE.  For more information about K. L. Parry, go to Her novel is available on Amazon
A Note From K. L. Parry

My life has been rich with experiences, some good and some bad. I have lived modestly and at times, in poverty. I have suffered through dark days, as have most, and basked in the bright ones. It is that adversity that has challenged and inspired me once I made it a tool; once I gave it a purpose. And I made it useful to me. ~ K.L. Parry

Current Releases

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The Pirate's Daughter And A King's Ransom

A Peek Into the Life of K. L. Parry

My originial Book cover, scrapped because it looked to much like a school book..LOL

My originial Book cover, scrapped because it looked to much like a school book..LOL
Photoshoot for the Book Cover.

Photoshoot for the Book Cover.
My Research Assistant

My Research Assistant

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