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KM Rockwood draws on a varied background for stories, among them working as a laborer in a steel fabrication plant, operating glass melters and related equipment in a fiberglass manufacturing facility, and supervising an inmate work crew in a large medium security state prison. These jobs, as well as work as a special education teacher in an alternative high school and a GED teacher in county detention facilities, provide most of the background for novels and short stories.

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The cops say surveillance video doesn't lie. But could they be mistaken? After nearly twenty years in prison, Jesse Damon is just trying to make it on parole. But nothing comes easy. The cops say they have a video of him breaking into an ATM. ...
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Brothers in Crime
  Bikers have their own code of ethics. The cops have decided Jesse wasn’t the one who raped sometimes-girlfriend Kelly. But can he convince Kelly and her father’s biker buddies that he had nothing to do with it? And since...
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Buried Biker
  Paroled on a murder conviction, Jesse Damon shows up at a funeral home to pay his last respects to his foster mother. He quickly finds out she was murdered, and he’s the prime suspect. Jesse Damon has spent most of the last tw...
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Fostering Death
  Kurt yearns to tell Daphne he loves her. If only he had something to offer her, if only she weren’t engaged, if only he were’t a werewolf… Kurt was raised by his father’s werewolf pack after his human mother...
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Halfbreed Werewolf
  On parole for a murder conviction, Jesse is the first suspect when Mitch, a forklift driver at work, is killed. Will Jesse be able to figure out what happened, or be sent back to prison? After nearly twenty years in prison on a murd...
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Steeled for Murder

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