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Part III of The Pleasures Houses of Nyph   “Sexual gratification is achieved through control and self-actualization. It is submission. It is dominance. And it is powerful.”   Synge is an anomaly in...
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And It Is Powerful
Fantasy/Paranormal.  Part II of The Pleasures Houses of Nyph   “Seduction is a game that cannot be played without worthwhile opponents. It is fun. It is challenging. And it is victory.”   Bryne is the...
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And It Is Victory
Tired of listening to the unappreciative complaints from Earth's denizens, Talvi, the Weather God known as Winter, decides to sever all ties to the planet at the end of this season and hand it over to his three sister to rule. Let them make of th...
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Eternal Flakefall
Julien Lafayette and Gregory Verne, best friends since they were children, could have been more... but Julien was too afraid of destroying their friendship to act on his feelings. By the time he built up his courage, Verne had joined the Marines....
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“Making love is a wonderful and emotional experience. It is giving all that you are to another person. It is surrender. It is submission. And it is beautiful.” Trained by the Master himself, Sidian and Phyre are two of the Marble Plea...
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And It Is Beautiful

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