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Emil's seaside hideaway gives our lovers the chance for some extremely naughty (and noisy!) sex. Barriers are lowered even further and they each open up a little more about their past. Sarah learns of a tragic accident in Emil's past which...
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Sarah's Sexploits - Saturday
Sarah helps Emil to celebrate Bastille Day as only she can as their relationship intensifies - and not just on the sexual front! But as far as sex goes, their lust for each other is as strong as ever as they start to get to know each other more in...
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Sarah's Sexploits - All the Colours of the Rainbow
Emil and Sarah escape to a luxury hotel to begin afresh after Emil surprises Sarah by showing his feelings for her - and she surprises herself by reciprocating. A shadowy figure from Emil's past threatens to spoil their weekend by harassing Sa...
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Sarah's Sexploits - Champagne and Cherries
Feel the heat as Sarah's initially casual involvement with Scott intensifies, their passion for each other fast becoming insatiable. The lovers have an afternoon of hot, steamy sex planned but what happens exceeds either of their expectations....
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Sarah's Sexploits - Afternoon Delight
More adventures with Sarah, Scott and Emil - and Annie! Sarah's involvement with Emil intensifies despite her intitial coercion into their sexual relationship and his anger at her casual involvement with a Chinese beauty. Scott is still unhapp...
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Sarah's Sexploits - Three of a Kind
Sarah works in a male-dominated environment and finds herself fantasising and daydreaming about some of the men that work there - especially one of them. When an opportunity presents itself, she initiates a "Friends with Benefits" arrang...
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Sarah's Sexploits - The Beginning

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