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Amiri Campbell left New Zealand with his partner Graeme over a decade ago, and with good reason. He still carries the emotional scars of family abandonment, for all that Graeme tries to get him to reconcile. When Amiri’s beloved Auntie Moana di...
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And a Chook Shall Lead Them
Thora, Jonakr and Dag didn't live an idyllic life in Iceland, but they did live and love together in peace for the past five years. While Jonakr sailed off to raid, Dag would remain with Thora on the family lands to ensure that Jonakr...
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Love's Price, a BBA Ménage Story
Six months after "At the Sign of the Ancestors," Drew and Kit have settled into their relationship. Though Drew doesn't quite share Kit's love of Muay Thai, he's come to accept it and its role in his boyfriend's life....
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Five Spice: Yin and Yang
Playing "bait" isn't a new task for Edric; he's used to doing whatever Father Osmer asks in their hunt for those subverting the will of the church. If he isn't being seduced by fey or testing the old legend about falling asleep under an app...
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Before Graeme moved east to New Zealand and met a young Kiwi intern named Amiri, he spent a summer in the outback of Australia. Sent to live with an aunt and uncle after trouble in school with another boy, he wasn't looking for adventure...
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Where a Hand is Always Needed
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Amiri is nervous enough about taking Graeme and his niece and nephew to his dad's place out in the country. He gets along with his dad, but he's not sure he wants to subject his lover and their fragile new kids to how he grew up. They go f...
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Sliding Down the Pohutukawa Root
Adrian and Bael were finally starting to fall into a routine after six months of... whatever you'd call a relationship with a demon. Almost convincing himself that his lover was just a really hot guy with wings, Adrian was surprised when the s...
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Ambergris: All For Love

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