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Karen A Nichols

I've been creating what I believe we're all in search of. Friendships and romance; communication and pure, simple fun. Throw in some misadventures and misunderstandings, not to mention a few not quite truths, and it should be a roller coaster of laughs, tears and thoughts.

A bio - wow - I live to the South of Seattle along the coast in a small town called Des Moines. Gorgeous Puget Sound as our backyard, with snow capped mountains in almost all directions.

I've been writing for over 20 years and in that time I have noticed how hard it is for certain people to embrace their sexuality, and very very few have the backbone to even discuss it!

I think sex is a very important attribute to our lives and is necessary in order to live a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle. I hope that my stories simply depict that, ignite the fires within and maybe even give some pointers on how to please your partner in some new exciting ways.

Bottom line: they are here for enjoyment. So read, enjoy and live the happy healthy lives we are all meant to live.

Now - a dedication:
I can't say I grew up with anyone encouraging me, and that's fine, they had things in their life they were dealing with. My parents and 1st husband said it was 'a nice little hobby'.

When you get that kind of reaction from people who matter, it has the effect that you no longer tell anyone. And no one ever asked what I did for hours on end over a typewriter and then VIOLA! a computer keyboard! So no one knew.

Until I met and fell in love with my 2nd husband. He found the large file cabinet filled with thick manuscripts, filed in alphabetical order by lead female name. And he talked to me about writing. My writing. The single thing in my life aside from my two grown children, that I adored and cherished.

It's an amazing thing what happens when someone believes in you. Maybe it rubs off and you begin to believe in yourself, too. So everything I've created and set free on the internet to share are thanks to him and his belief and love.

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