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Born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia, I was attracted to the medical profession early in life. Perhaps my mom's obstetrician was an especially handsome guy or possibly those TV medical dramas in the fifties (Ben Casey, Dr. Novak, etc.) hooked me. Whatever the reason, after a stint at Penn State, I attended nursing school in Philadelphia, got my diploma and worked in one of the earliest Shock/Trauma units. Then I was off to Baltimore and a few years as an OR nurse before I decided anesthesia was where I belonged. I trained at Johns Hopkins, and have happily practiced my profession - Nurse Anesthesia - for the past thirty-plus years. So you see, I'm no spring chicken.

About twenty-five years ago my husband talked me into moving to Orlando and I eventually found my way (sans husband) to Melbourne, a lovely town on Florida's Space Coast. I have been rescued by five cats who have agreed to keep me company in exchange for food and cuddles. You may see them about from time to time.
Now that I do anesthesia part-time, the stories and characters I have been keeping under my scrub cap lo these many years are clamoring to be free. I've decided to humor them in the hopes they will entertain you, dear reader. I'll let you know how it works out. Or, more accurately I suspect, you will let me know.

In whatever spare time I have left, I make jewelry. One can never have too much bling, in my humble opinion.

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