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I am an author of romance. I write paranormal, historical, and may take a shot at contemporary. When I’m not writing, I enjoy Nascar races and camping with my husband of 25 years. I have two grown children and one grandchild. I graduated from college in 1995 with honors. I have been an insurance professional for 20+ years.  

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  The Courting the Darkness saga continues with Dangerous. Desiree delivered the amulets to Drake and now the local vampires can come out in the daylight. This was just the advantage Drake needed over the Texas clan vying for his New Orle...
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The first day of school anywhere is never fun . . . At first glance, Wickford High, seems like a normal Catholic School. But Vicky Phillips soon discovers that there is nothing normal about Wickford High… or its occupants… She is...
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The Revelation (Wickford High)
Betrayed by one of her peers . . . Vicky Phillips almost lost her life due to a purposefully vicious betrayal by one of her peers.  The time has come for her to face her past and face her peers with the truth.  She now need...
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Furiously Tempted (Wickford High)

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Multi Author Book Signing Port Richey, FL

Multi Author Book Signing Port Richey, FL

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