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Karenna Colcroft is the alter ego of a shy, sedate wife and mother, who also writes young adult fiction under the name Jo Ramsey. Under both names, she tries to shine a light on bullying, abuse, and trauma, depicting characters who are dealing with those issues or who are recovering from them. She is a former teacher and now lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two offspring, and three cats.

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Current Releases
After the death of his adoptive mother, Andy Forrest decides to track down his biological family. The search leads him to the struggling central Massachusetts town of Dayfield—and local historian Weston Thibeault, the town’s only other op...
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Dawn Over Dayfield
Omara is a demon of vengeance, created to destroy humans who have harmed the innocent and bring their souls to Hell. Known for bending the rules to the breaking point, Omara is placed on probation after one too many infractions. Confined to her apart...
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Vengeance Is Sweet
TV reporter Sheila Holloway is jaded on love. Plumber Erich Zahn is still reeling from a nasty divorce. Neither is looking for a relationship, but when Erich is called to fix Sheila’s shower, sparks fly and they begin a friends-with-benefits ar...
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With Every Touch
Fifteen years ago in Los Angeles, a man named Charlie lost everything in his life to drug and burglary charges. Everything including his lover Navon, who was unable to accept Charlie’s actions. Nine years ago, after building a drag career th...
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Stepping Stone Not Doormat
Nolie and Joseph have a good marriage. They're still in love, have everything they need, and their careers are in good shape. But lately their sex life and time together has taken a back seat. One morning, Joseph brings up the changes in their se...
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Knot Intended
After "failing" to make a life and a drag career in Boston, Rad Morris has returned home to Ludington, Michigan, where his primary goal is to avoid his disapproving family. Only his grandmother accepts him, and Rad feels guilty for taking h...
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Last Chance Tattoo
All Thaniel Robichaud has ever wanted is for his band to hit the big-time. All Shane McCarthy has ever wanted is Thaniel. Friends since childhood, Thaniel and Shane started making music together while still in junior high school. In the ten years ...
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Love Like Vampires
Hunter Girard is an aspiring musician who has just been chosen to play live for a drag queen show. Hunter is also a recovering alcoholic with a past from which he's still healing. On stage, "Starry Daye" is one of the stars of the sh...
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I Should Tell You
Edited by Kris Jacen, with contributions from numerous authors including Patric Michael, Lex Valentine, Noly Green, and many others. Created as a tribute to the human spirit, and to author Patric Michael in particular, Wishing on a Blue Star h...
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Wishing on a Blue Star

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