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KARIN RITA GASTREICH is a native of the Kansas City area. An ecologist by training, she currently holds a position as assistant professor of biology at Avila University.  The relationship between characters and environment is a central theme of her work in fantasy fiction. 

Karin's publications include the epic fantasy novel EOLYN, now available from Hadley Rille Books.  Her short stories have appeared in Zahir, Adventures for the Average Woman, 69 Flavors of Paranoia and A Visitor to Sandahl.  Karin is a recipient of the Spring 2011 Andrews Forest Writers Residency.

"Gastreich allows her heroes to have flaws--including moments of cowardice--and some victories bring new sorrows. Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes will satisfy fans of traditional epic fantasy with a romantic thread.  --  __"" " --Publisher's Weekly

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In a land ravaged by civil war, the Mage King Kedehen initiates a brutal purge of the Magas. Fleeing his wrath, Eolyn, daughter of the last of the Magas and sole heiress to their millennial tradition, seeks refuge in the South Woods. There sh...
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