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Karly Maddison

Karly Maddison is from New Zealand. Please check her website for promos, new releases and competitions. 

ebooks available:

Loves Hiding Place, f/m paranormal romance, (Bookstrand).

Time Slip, f/m futuristic romance, (Bookstrand).

Time Out, f/m futuristic romance, (Bookstrand).

Dragon Sands, f/m futuristic fiction romance (Bookstrand).

Dragon Magic, f/m furturistic romance (Bookstrand).

Ice King, f/m futuristic romance (Bookstrand).

Ice Queen, ff/m uturistic romance (Bookstrand).

Star Magic, f/m futuristic romance (Bookstrand).

Star Signs, f/m futuristic romance (Bookstrand).

A Puppy for Christmas, m/m, mainstream, shifter romance (Fireborn Publishing).

Rufus and the Angel, m/m, mainstream  paranormal romance (Fireborn Publishing)


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Current Releases

Available Now!
Dragon Magic

Available Now!
Dragon Sands
  When the moody Xephon star pilot Chitra is temporarily posted to a rehabilitation farm for horses on Earth, he finds himself unexpectedly fighting the exotic Earth woman Sabine Winters for the guardianship of his young nephew. If only s...
Available Now!
Time Out
  The Xephons and Tarourkes have just come to the end of a long and bitter war that has made their shared planet temporaraly uninhabitable. While the new human allies from Earth help the Xephons clean up their home world, two ships from E...
Available Now!
Time Slip
  Museum guide Stacey Lucas confides her thoughts about Aren Harinthar, the mysterious man she is falling for, to the painting in the gallery above the stone gargoyle, and sometimes the painting talks back! Or at least she thinks it's...
Available Now!
Love's Hiding Place

Visit Karly Maddison's website:

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