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Current Releases
Medium Jacob Wytch lives in the forest with his fluffy dog Gruff and his ghostly fairy godmother Amelie. When he gets a call from his friend Renwick Prinze, he panics. Jacob has been pining for Renwick longer than he cares to admit. Instead of admitt...
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Wytch & Prinze
Seamus haunts the halls of his grand estate, cursed to an eternity of undead life and unable to leave the grounds. His only friends are his faithful dog, and the sweet, earnest Tibbit, whom he desperately, but secretly, loves—because it's o...
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Bloodstained Heart
Bartholomew is on his way to a Christmas party when disaster strikes, and he finds himself in dire need of a new suit. Thankfully, disaster struck right outside his favorite suit shop, and the cute tailor has the perfect suit to solve his problem&mda...
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The Tailor
Christmas has rolled around and Flynn is feeling depressed. The only thing he wants under his Christmas tree is Samuel. When a simple invitation from Samuel arrives Flynn soon finds himself on a kinky little scavenger hunt that leads up to a Christma...
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A Sinful Little Gift

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