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I started life as a small town girl, but soon moved on to the big city. There I found love and settled down with a husband, two adorable dogs and my ever-trusty computer. 

As a writer of sensual romances, I date my interest in bondage back to long nights chained to that computer. When I was younger, my mother gave me one piece of advice: Learn to type. Mom was a wise woman and my years of typing eventually paid off with the sale of my first book. The rest, as they say, is soon-to-be-made history.  

Currently, I have books with several publishers including Loose Id, Samhain Publishing, Changeling Press, Extasy Books and Carnal Desires Publishing.  I write futuristic romances that combine my love of SF and fantasy with some hot and steamy romance. I throw in the occasional paranormal element for extra spice! Please visit my Web site for some excerpts and a taste of my writing style.

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Loose Id
Current Releases
Fleeing an enemy attack, Federation pilot Tory Stone crash lands her damaged star fighter on a dead world, only to discover she and her weapons officer Kumiko are not alone on the supposedly uninhabited planet.    After being kicked ou...
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Buried Passions
Four lovers ... one mission ... aliens beware. Held captive aboard the Starbound in the depths of interstellar space, the survivors on board the colony ship are ruled by the despotic star gods, alien beings who use their human bodies...
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Rachel Herrington has a fatal illness. Mastror si Lor Canto is a sexual healer. But the Evolved are leaving Earth. Rachel has only days to seduce him...or die.
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Scent of Desire
The world thought Rachel Herrington-Whyte had everything --youth, beauty, fame, wealth, and a powerful husband. Only she knew that she hated her fame, her husband was about to become an ex-husband, and her doctor had just told her she had an incurabl...
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Sexual Rx

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