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Like most authors, I didn't start out as a writer, but rather as a reader. My passion for romance novels began in my late teens and left me with an itch to discover the world. After living in places as culturally diverse as Athens, Greece and Cairo, Egypt (where I met and married my own romantic hero) we returned to the states and settled in the quiet town of Sterling Forest, New York.

From a very young age, I showed an aptitude for telling stories. Of course my mother called me a pathological liar, but I prefer to think back on those days as an apprenticeship for my future craft.

After the birth of my daughter, my husband suggested I take up writing as a hobby to fill my days. The hobby became a love, and the love an obsession. (Sometimes my husband is sorry he ever made that suggestion.)

I learned how to write from the best--the authors who penned the books I spent countless hours reading. Although my writing allows my mind to soar in clouds, I have a daughter who keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

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He is haunted by a mistake he can’t forget. In Ryan McKenna’s rookie year on the police force, he made an error in judgment that nearly cost a teenaged girl her life. He quit the force, spent half a decade living life from the bottom o...
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Promises Remembered
The Prodigal Prince Married to A Prince Series He is no Prince Charming. With seven older brothers, Rashid Mansour Khalid, black sheep of the ruling family of Touzar will never ascend to the throne. Just as well because the former mercenary ha...
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The Prodigal Prince
An Inconvenient Marriage Married to A Prince Series Prince Samir A’Del Sharif is a sexy, sarcastic, bad boy and more trouble than ultraconservative Delilah Jordan has ever known. When she was a child,  Delilah Jordan’s Nariar...
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An Inconvenient Marriage
With oil wells springing up like weeds and the Bedouins getting restless, what's a modern Nadiarian prince to do? Before he can deal with domestic issues Prince Yousef A’del Sharif must deal with the arrival if his college sweethear...
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A Marriage of Convenience

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Pandora's Box

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Caitlin's Choice
When an independent, blue-blooded heiress is placed in protective custody with a controlling, blue collar cop, the sparks fly. Detective Wolf Krieger blames himself for his partner’s death. If he had followed procedure and called for ba...
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Guarding Kelsey
Everyone in town knows wealthy Gillian Hughes is a spoiled daddy's girl. When she's arrested after staging a public protest to a social injustice, no one is more surprised than Hawk Carter. Is there more to the society princess than meets ...
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Hawk's Haven
Books We Love is pleased to present a Special Edition containing three of Kat Attalla's novels in one volume. Codename: Romeo Victoria Jansen, card carrying MENSA member, can write a book about Quantum Physics—but get her around a...
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Kat Attalla Special Edition
Cheyanne Dupree, European trained chef, has a recipe for everything, except happiness.  A decade earlier, she inherited a fortune but lost Luc Allesandro, the rightful heir to the family estate and the love of her life. She returns to her chi...
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Sex and Key Lime Pie

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