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My alter ego, Kat Bishop, or as my husband prefers, my evil twin, came to life only a short time ago. As an avid reader I’ve always loved a good romance, especially when they’re packed with heat. So when I sat down to write my first novella, and essentially gave birth to Kat, which was a whole lot easier than the linebackers I spawned naturally, I felt liberated. Actually, writing hot and steamy love stories was more than liberating, it was exhilarating. Bringing to life the crazy tales and sensual fantasies buzzing around my head and being able to share them with others was both a thrill and an honor. I hope my readers enjoy the characters I’ve created and their journeys through life and love as much as I do.

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She’s changed everything…but she can’t change the fact she loves him. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, aspiring North Carolina fashion designer Ali Whitmore undertakes a major self-transformation. She sheds some weig...
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