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Even though Kate is an Aries (the fire sign), she thinks of herself as a water baby. She can't resist the ocean; it sings to her. Every day, she spends at least a few moments watching the water, and on good – or very bad – days, you can find her walking the Seawall for hours, rain or shine.

Kate Austin has worked as a legal assistant, a commercial fisher, a brewery manager, a teacher, a technical writer, and a herring popper, while managing to read an average of a book a day. Go ahead – ask her anything. If she doesn't know the answer, she's more than happy to make it up because she's been reading and writing fiction for as long as she can remember.

Kate blames her mother and her two grandmothers for her reading and writing obsession – all of them were avid readers and they passed the books and the obsession on to her. And she reads everything, from fantasy to mysteries to literary fiction to romance. She devours books.

Kate Austin writes the same way – with passion. It's part of her day, every day, no matter what she's working on – including the content for this website. She loves writing, the process and the product, and is astonished and delighted that 20 years on, she's finally getting paid for it.

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Current Releases
Jamie McRae is head chef at The Lake House, and he’s crazy about Neil Findley, who’s the go-to guy for the president of Smith Resorts. Neil is just as mad about Jamie but doesn’t believe in relationships with co-workers—too ri...
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Winter's Tale
Jack Smith hired Kara Lane to be the manager of The Lake House based only partly on her management skills. He fell for her at first sight but only allows himself to talk to her via email and, eventually, phone calls. His burns—the physical ones...
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Summer Fire
Dante’s triumphant stint in Europe comes to an abrupt halt when his mother calls him home to save the family restaurant. He expected the hard work—after all, he’d spent all of his life in the business. What he hadn’t antici...
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Read Review
The saucy editors at Spice Briefs have assembled their latest volume of combustible short erotic fiction with Naughty Bits 3. The newest addition to the series RT Book Reviews calls "extremely hot," "decadent" and "del...
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Naughty Bits 3
Kate Austin gives new beginnings a wondrous a novel that resonates deep within every woman who longs for some midsummer magic in her life. Francesca Bond has been surviving her life much more than she has ever really been living it. ...
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Since when did life ever tell you where you were going? Josie Harris always drew comfort from the thought that she lived a charmed life. Unexciting, perhaps, but stable and predictable. In a rut? Josie counted that as luck – at least on...
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The Sunshine Coast News
Kate Austin makes a captivating debut in this luminous tale of an unconventional road trip . . . and one woman's metamorphosis. At forty-two and given to the occasional panic attack, Randy Roman is taking a leave of absence from her life. ...
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Dragonflies and Dinosaurs

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