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I write m/m fiction with the occasional m/f and f/f for balance, but mainly I'm all about the slash. I enjoy writing long, plotty novels and quirky novellas featuring a heady mix of foxes, emperors, swordsmen, priests, ancient Greeks, Tang Dynasty China, Romans, Heian era Japan, yakuza bosses, magic, Mediterranean archaeology, British medieval abbeys, vampires, fantasy, opera singers, illusion, imperial ministers, wuxia, random theology, D/s and power, and--of course--romance mixed with oodles of hot manlove.
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A murderer is loose in London's most notorious rookery, and now his evil is spreading to the upper classes. Constable Nicholas Green is sent undercover to investigate, armed only with his wit and a malachite talisman, a gift from his mot...
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Malachite: The Year Without Summer
Istanbul, 1622. Considered hotbeds of sedition, the city's coffee houses are in constant danger of being shut down by imperial command. Haluk, who runs a cafe in an old caravanserai, is more concerned with brewing the perfect cup of coff...
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The Puppet Master
As the Prince Bishop's chief summoner, Sufyan is accustomed to dealing with dangerous men. When he hears tales of a wild blood-fiend and the solitary silver knight who does battle with the monster each year, Sufyan decides there's more to the situati...
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The Silver Knight
Matsumoto no Hirotaro hates his job in the Bureau of Ceremonial. For years he's longed to advance through the ranks of the nobility, but his dreams of becoming an imperial chamberlain are crushed when he saves a tailless gray cat from being drowned b...
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Olive Green: The Imperial Cat
Pasion of Miletos has suffered from insomnia for over a year. He's traveled the length of the Eastern Mediterranean in his search for a cure, and desperation leads him to the shrine of the healing god Amphiaraos. There Pasion meets Kyronides, ...
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Pasion's Dream
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When his dream man walks into his lunch break wearing tight snakeskin jeans, Clayton King puts down his sandwich and follows his libido. Clayton tracks his guy to a pet shop and leaves with a name, Anthony, and a date for that night. What Anthony ...
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The desire of an emperor... Bored with his usual palace musicians, the emperor Liu Che is tempted by a new song from lowly qin-player Li Yan Nian. Yan Nian is also beautiful, and Liu Che is in the mood to take a new lover. His lovers usually come to ...
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Fall of a Slate
Ethan Heng has come to the little English village of Hepplewick to investigate his family heritage. A misunderstanding over some church brasses leads to lunch with Matthew Jennings, the attractive young vicar, but soon the two men are plunged into a ...
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Hand of Glory
Wu Jin has both brains and beauty. Though poor, his family are noble enough for Jin to sit the imperial examinations in the hope of obtaining a high-ranking government position at the court of Tang Dynasty China. When his parents are killed, Jin clin...
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Burn by Aleksandr Voinov Flight Lieutenant Chris Waters is the pilot of a cutting-edge unmanned SAD fighter drone that is used for secret government missions. Chris is cutting-edge technology himself: his neural network is upgraded with cyber-techno...
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Echoes of the Future
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edited by Lorna Hinson with stories by Shanna Germain, Tracey Shellito, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Penelope Friday, JT Langdon, Erin O'Riordan, Mercy Loomis, Kate Cotoner, and Elizabeth Black Seductive. Dangerous. Sexy. Girls with fangs, women who hun...
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Injured crusader Falk du Plessis survives the Battle of Hattin only to be sold at the slave market in Acre. He's bought by Sinan, a mysterious Saracen who takes care to hide his true identity. Falk has the feeling they've met before. Their attraction...
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