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Kate Kelly has had a love affair with books her entire life. Writing came in fits and starts, and she didn’t take it seriously until her forties. Now she can’t get along without it. She has the good fortune to live on the east coast of Canada with her husband (the children have flown away). She writes, grow herbs and perennials and sails when the wind blows her way.

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Out of Control - A Novella - Prequel to Stolen Hearts Series
His confidence shattered for failing to save his sister’s life, Detective Jay Rawlings insists he be left alone to live the lonesome cowboy life. But when the woman he once loved, Tess MacLean, returns to his ranch with a killer and the poli...
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Suddenly suspected of stealing half a million dollars of original paintings, Chance Spencer can’t afford to have the FBI delve too closely into his covert past. When one agent in particular endeavors to put him behind bars, Chance coerces th...
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Sleight Of Hand
The Art Of Deception Between The Sheets Contest Finalist FBI Agent Vince Gage’s all important career rests on solving an art forgery case. Cold, hard facts make a case, but there’s nothing cold or hard about his prime suspect, S...
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The Art Of Deception, Book Two, Stolen Hearts series, Romantic Suspense

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