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Who is Kate Woods? You don’t know...? Well let me introduce you to her. She’s an Eclectic Writer from the Pittsburgh Area of Pennsylvania who likes to dabble in this and that - including writing in several different genres.  Kate Woods is a creative writer who is the author of a riveting new novel – Faith In Avalanches - But don’t take my word for it read it and decide for yourself!

With a published book list that includes both non-fiction and fiction that ranges from edgy contemporary womens fiction and paranormal romance to quirky rhymes and holiday collections, there's something for readers varying tastes. No matter the genre or the type of writing it includes a little entertainment, a little fact, a little fantasy and a little inspiration.

With a tag line of “I Aspire to Inspire” Kate aspires to inspire her readers to read, to think and to always act appropriately in their lives. Some of her other passions are spending time with family and friends, gardening in her  Countryental Garden (a little bit Country and a little bit Oriental), and reinventing herself as needed to march to the drumbeat of the hectic world.

According to Kate, she thinks of herself as a work in process, ever evolving, always moving toward improving, and always writing the words that are spinning in her head. When she writes she imagines someone reading her words; and it inspires her to do her very best for her readers; so she is inspired by them as well!

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Current Releases

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Faith In Avalanches
Do you believe in ghosts and vampires? How about love and romance that endures for a century? If you’re looking for a paranormal beach romance, that’s also a mystery, I invite you to read Spirit Beach. In fact I’d consider it a...
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Spirit Beach
OSTRICH - A Little Book About Life's Ups and Downs is a self-help manual of sorts to help women find their balance and their way through life's many mazes because Life Is What Life Is - Nothing More and Nothing Less... It's a unique book for grown-up...
Available Now!
OSTRICH, A Little Book About Life's Ups and Downs

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