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Katerina Ross lives in Moscow and works as a journalist. She travels a lot but always returns to her home city. In her opinion, it’s hugely overcrowded, but beautiful nevertheless.

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For Tristan Todorov, formerly a freelance magician and now a consultant on occult matters, living with an incubus turns out to be rather challenging. Not only because there’s little information on incubi, Gomorrah pleasure demons. Jarek, the on...
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Angel's Eye (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 3)
Dragomir, a magician with PTSD and a very inconvenient curse upon him, struggles to make a living, taking part in illegal boxing matches. Fighting is the only thing he’s good at now. But how long can he keep it up? The illegal fights are danger...
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Black Cat Security
Tristan, a freelance magician, falls for an incubus, a Gomorrah pleasure demon, who works as an escort in a luxurious hotel in Prague. To free him from a contract that binds him, Tristan needs to solve a problem for a very influential man, Ambrosius ...
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The House of Fear (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 2)
Tristan Todorov, formerly one of the best scholars at the legendary and sinister Scholomance school of magic, was cast out and now travels alone through Eastern Europe offering discreet services as an unlicensed magician. In a luxurious hotel in Prag...
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Soul Infection (The Sons of Gomorrah. Book 1)
Max has always been interested in the wicked ways of BDSM. Now he has Vadim, an eager Russian sub willing to fulfill his most daring fantasies. But there’s one problem—Max isn’t quite ready to accept what's right in front of him...
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Tenderly Wicked
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