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Julian Hart is a werewolf hunter. The murder of his parents at the claws of a pair of rogue werewolves left him as guardian to his younger sister, Zoe. Grief and rage drove him to become a hunter and prevent other families from suffering the same fat...
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Cast the First Stone
  Cal "Bullet" Thompson is pitching for the San Antonio Missions while he rehabs from a pulled hamstring. It's taking longer than originally planned for him to get back to the San Diego Padres, or The Show.  He's go...
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Calling the Shots
  Eric is an orthopedic surgeon volunteering his time with the Justin Sports Medicine program, traveling the rodeo circuit two months out of the year. Underneath it all, though, he's a cowboy at heart and not just because he was born ...
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Ready to Ride
It's Christmas, and Jamie has just finished shopping only to find his car has a dead battery. He calls up ADAC, the German roadside assistance service, and Stefan arrives to jump his battery. The battery isn't the only thing getting charge...
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  It's Halloween, and Greg's restaurant is preparing for a big night, with orange and black decorations and a pumpkin-themed menu.  His boyfriend, demon hunter Lane, is out with two of their friends on some unknown excursion,...
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Mystical Convergency
  Zeke is a writer, who spends his evenings working as a valet at The Palm Restaurant, and lusting after a particular silver BMW 3 Series and its owner. Josh is the owner of that BMW and the only thing he enjoys about his routine evenings...
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Nothing Better Than Leather
  Picture a masquerade ball: the masks, the mystery, the seduction, the reveal! Now imagine men who wear another mask every day, as shifters. This anthology offers seven stories about what lies beneath disguises, literal and figurative. ...
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Masks Off!
  Lane is a professional photographer hired by Greg to do a photo shoot and magazine spread about his restaurant in hopes of making his business more profitable. Trouble is, Greg's got a demon on his back, literally. Now Lane must rac...
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A Watched Demon Always Boils
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