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Katherine Pym, her husband, and puppy dog divide their time between Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas. She loves history, and writes rumpus good tales of London during the 1660's, and oh, one French Revolution novel.

Current Releases
A Tale Most Curious and Rare It is London 1663 and science flourishes in a mini-Renaissance. Celia Barber shares her father’s shop; he barbers, and she heals during a time when women are not allowed to practice medicine.    ...
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The Barbers
It is London 1662, and plots abound against the king. Oliver Prior, haunted by the death of his sister when still a child, enters the world of espionage. Beatrice Short’s goal is to go on stage, but she must work as a servant. While cleaning...
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Of Carrion Feathers
Camille Desmoulins, a pamphleteer and journalist, and a man devoted to his wife, Lucile, harbors a malevolent secret. His quill carries poisoned ink. He writes with misdirected passion that leads to the destruction of lives who come in contact with h...
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The First Apostle
London 1661.  In this era the old belief that twins cannot be sired by one man still prevails, a superstition which automatically makes the mother of Edgar and Emma Torbet an adulteress.  Desperate to protect her children from  their v...
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London 1660 Married and with child, Viola is stunned when her husband, Roger, abandons her without a backward glance. The rent is due, and there is no money in her purse. Her father can no longer care for her since his accident, but Viola vows she w...
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Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage

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The First Apostle, Camille Desmoulins/French Revolution,

Viola, London 1660,

Twins, London 1661,

Of Carrion Feathers, London 1662,

The Barbers, London 1663,

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