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Katheryn Wallis has worked as a tour guide, submarine pilot, laser tag manager, commercial diver, and editor of both fiction and nonfiction. Her first publication came at the age of ten, when a poem she wrote won a Summer Reading Club competition and was published in the local newspaper. She went on to publish several other award-winning poems and, at sixteen, won a Canadian national short story competition.

In addition to writing, Katheryn has always had a keen interest in learning about science. She has a bachelor’s degree in paleontology, a master’s in history, and a Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science. But after working as an academic for several years, she finally decided she actually wanted to be a novelist instead.

Now Katheryn writes erotic and sensual romance, both m/f and m/m, while still editing for several publishers and teaching at her local university. Katheryn lives in Western Canada.

Current Releases
Edmonton cop Jack has one rule for dating—don’t get emotionally involved. A string of short-term flings leaves him dissatisfied, though, and he starts to envy his partner, Jeremy, who’s been dating curvy redhead Caitlin for a yea...
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Letting Jack Watch

A Peek Into the Life of Katheryn Wallis

Katheryn Wallis

Katheryn Wallis

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