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Born in Washington, DC, Dove has successfully homeschooled three children over a span of eighteen years.  She has extensive experience within the homeschooling community that has led to a career as a homeschooling consultant.  Her future plans include establishing a foundation to assist and provide resources for those who suffer from chronic illness.  Her hobbies include writing, research, history, volunteering, reading, biking, growing herbs, and aromatherapy. She enjoys music trivia, museums and classic movies.  Kathleen also enjoys meeting and interviewing people for her writing.  Her areas of study include medieval and early Irish civilization.  She currently resides in South Carolina.


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A Note From Kathleen A Dove

Hi! Thanks for checking out my author page here on Manicreaders.

I hope you'll enjoy my new thriller: Condition Unknown.  I'm

looking forward to finishing the series and writing well into the future.

Be sure to stop by my pics and see ZOE.

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      Abandoned and left to die from a mysterious illness, Kelly Connell was the victim of a corrupt medical system.  After a difficult but miraculous recovery from an underground physician, obtaining rest and rebuild...
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Condition Unknown

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My lemon tree

My lemon tree

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