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Kathleen Mix

Multi-published author Kathleen Mix writes stories with a thrilling mix of romance and suspense.

She took an indirect route to becoming an author. A degreed software engineer, Kathleen consulted on applications ranging from submarine combat systems to biological research databases. But weekends and vacations were always reserved for boating.

As an avid sailor and licensed charter boat captain, the itch to sail away into the sunset soon became too strong to resist. She and her husband moved aboard their sailboat and headed south. Since then, Kathleen has spent many years roaming the U.S. coastline, exploring the Bahamas, and enjoying the islands of the Caribbean and the coast of South America.

She began her writing career with non-fiction sailing and travel articles. But she was sailing to lush, exotic islands under starry skies and walking on the most beautiful, white-sand beaches in the world. She started imagining stories of romance and adventure and turned to writing romantic suspense.

Kathleen now sails on Chesapeake Bay, but her heart remains in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. For her thoughts on life and books, follow her blog at To read book excerpts and find links to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter, visit her website at


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Current Releases
Trish Flaherty has ten days to stop an extortionist's plan to compromise her top-secret software project. Only one cyber-security consultant has the expertise to identify the culprit in time to prevent a national security disaster: her former ...
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Deadly Memories
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After ten years shouldering heavy responsibility as her siblings’ guardian, fern farmer Annie Brenton yearns for an exciting and carefree future. Despite the repeated threats of a stalker, she refuses to cower in her house and compromise her lo...
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River of Fear
Even the deepest love needs an air supply... Dive shop manager Marina Hernandez is carrying a heavy load as she tries to save the family business. On one shoulder rides a bucket of red ink. On the other, her father’s age-old cultural belief ...
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Beyond Paradise
Alicia Kincaid’s two-year-old son is missing, last seen onboard her ex-husband’s airplane when it vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. The authorities have found no trace of them and presume both father and son are dead, but Alicia ...
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Deadly Paradise
Kelly Salinger and Clay McCarthy are as different as satin and stone. She is a peace-loving resort owner seeking a refuge where she can heal the scars of her past. He has amnesia, and every clue to his identity suggests he’s been pursu...
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Secret Stranger
The idea of spending the winter working in a tropical paradise is too tantalizing for Melissa Catterly to resist. On an impulse, she accepts a job as a gourmet chef aboard a sixty-five foot sailing yacht bound for the Caribbean. When the boat sets...
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A Trade Wind Season

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