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Kendall Emerson Blair was ecstatic about her new apartment. However, with no mail at her old place and nothing forwarded to the new, fabulous digs, Kendall was worried. She usually got a few pieces of mail every day. It might just be a catalog or ...
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The Male Mail Sleuth
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Someone Special - Bette is plus-sized; she’s weighed two hundred pounds since high school. Harry is lean and lanky. Harry meets Bette and is totally infatuated. Bette is wary. Some find the match amusing, the big, unattainable, quiet girl an...
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Someone Special
A Good Guy On A Bad Day - Amy finds herself off to a rough start when her car doesn’t start. The mechanic at the dealership rescues her, offering a ride to a critical meeting. Dan is doing her a favor so she tries to overlook his grumpy pers...
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A Good Guy On A Bad Day
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The Amorous Weekend - Tony knows Lori loves him but she doesn’t seem to love what they do in bed. If Lori is anything, she is proper. She offsets his zaniness. He gets that. She is in control, always but she doesn’t have to act like th...
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The Amorous Weekend
Shared Past is the account of a rape and its aftermath.  A young boy witnesses the attack and tries to help.  The victim, a high school junior, attempts to get beyond the assault. This story is spicy with love scenes as well as a det...
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Shared Past
Bonnie and the Bunny - Bonnie Reynolds is an expert on flora; she owns her own little flower shop. Dr. Richard Shaw thinks he knows all about fauna. Florist by trade, Bonnie has had little exposure to animals. She finds animals and men, in general...
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Bonnie and the Bunny
Even though her groom is missing, Jennifer boards the plane to enjoy her honeymoon. She has no idea her high school sweetheart knows she’s been jilted and has come along to commiserate. It takes a while but soon Jared and Jennifer are back t...
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The One That Got Away
Bagger to Bride - Glory’s family heads south for a better life, however, once there, her father’s abandonment turns hope into homelessness. Glory is a teenager, bagging groceries in Joel’s all-night food market.  Wishing...
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From Bagger To Bride
Surprising Bride is the story of Mitch and Carla. Mitch falls in love with Carla despite her rowdy, sports-oriented family interested in protecting her from suitors. For living with all brothers, Carla is surprisingly naïve and innocent. As f...
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Surprising Bride

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