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Kathy Bennett is no stranger to murder and mayhem.  After twenty-one years as a Los Angeles police officer, this retired cop’s authentic crime experience results in arresting stories. 

As a police officer, most of Kathy’s career was spent working patrol in a black and white police car.  Prior to retirement, Kathy was assigned as a Senior Lead Officer, with approximately five square miles in the City of Los Angeles her responsibility. Kathy also served as a Firearms Instructor at the LAPD Police Academy, a crime analyst in the ‘War Room’, a Field Training Officer, and worked undercover in various assignments.  She was named Officer of the Quarter twice, and Officer of the Year once.

In June of 2011, Kathy self-published her debut novel, A Dozen Deadly Roses. The e-book climbed the charts becoming a bestseller at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

In April of 2012, Kathy published her second full-length suspense novel, A Deadly Blessing. That book is the first in the series featuring LAPD Detective Maddie Divine. A Deadly Blessing also became a bestseller at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In fact, Barnes and Noble chose the book as a Best Nook Book Original for 2012.

Kathy's third book, A Deadly Justice, will release in the fall of 2013. She is currently working on her next book, A Deadly Denial.

She’s married to a Los Angeles Police Officer, Rick and they have one daughter and one granddaughter. 

Kathy likes to go hiking with Rick and their two Labrador Retrievers, incorporating photography into many of their adventures. Attempting to recapture some of the excitement of working the streets, Kathy can periodically be found in Las Vegas risking a few bucks.  

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  Los Angeles Police Officer Jade Donovan is being hunted.  There’s the lieutenant who’s out to get her, the psycho who’s stalking her and leaving dead roses at her door, but most frightening of all, she’s bee...
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A Dozen Deadly Roses

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