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Kathy Coatney has worked as a freelance photojournalist for 15 years, starting in parenting magazines, then fly fishing, and finally specializing in agriculture. Her work can be seen in the California Farm Bureau magazine, Ag Alert, Farm Progress’ California Farmer and Beef Producer magazines, and TimberWest magazine. The Farmer Guy/Gal children’s stories are her latest project.


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I was born a fourth generation dairy farmer’s daughter. My parents sold the dairy when I was ten, but farming stayed with me. My husband and I bought land, planted an orchard from the ground up and currently grow table olives.

I’ve worked as a freelance photojournalist specializing in agriculture for the past 15 years. I never anticipated spending an icy winter morning wading through cow manure to photograph dairy cows, or running through a dust-filled orchard in the dead of summer snapping pictures of an almond harvest.  But that’s what I’ve done, and I’m one of those fortunate people who loves her work.  

January 2012, Mike Karle, a local vet I’ve worked with contacted me about a potential article. A dairy farmer had a four-year-old Holstein cow that had had quadruplets a month earlier. They had expected twins, but no one expected quadruplets. He began rattling off these amazing numbers:

Quadruplets happen once every 700,000 births

Delivering all four unassisted happens once every 11.2 million births

Single calves weighs about 85 pounds, the quadruplets weighed approximately 65 pounds each, 260 pounds total

Delivering quadruplets unassisted, all heifers, alive and healthy happens once every 179.2 million births

These facts blew my mind, and before I knew it, I’d been assigned three different articles for three different magazines. This story was so unique I wanted to do something more, but I didn’t know what until a friend suggested it would make a great children’s story.  And six months later here I am releasing Four Quarts Makes a Gallon, the first in the series of Farmer Guy/Gal books for second and third graders. 

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Beekeeper Pat and the Amazing Dancing Bees

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Four Quarts Makes a Gallon

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