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Kathy lives in a small town in Virginia, in the Chesapeake Bay area, where she raised her four beautiful daughters. She loves writing, and does so in many genres, from poetry, to horror. From children’s books, to romance. From crime drama, to paranormal. In fact, what ever muse hits her, Kathy can paint vivid characters, some you will fall in love with, want to share in their adventures, and some you will love to hate, and still others that will send you running for a place to hide.

Conceiving Evil Was my first book to be published, and should be read by those seventeen and older. However, The Adventures Of Buddy Fairy And Friends, is for children age four to ten. And Mel's Journal is for the romantic at heart. For more information on all my books check out my website.

CONCEIVING EVIL: Born from the question, What if there had not been a tree of knowledge of good and evil, but the birth of them? 

In my novel, good and evil ride the wind and when they touch a young girl's soul, she can only pray that evil isn't all that pass through her gate! The human race,  can do no more than pray that somewhere, somehow, good survives!

The question remains, Who will win the battle between the twins of good and EVIL!!!

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Current Releases
Come walk with me along life's winding road, and read of the things I have seen or felt, that God has been a witness to. Poetry of love and romance, life, family, nature, humor, prejudice, war, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and spiritua...
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Along Life's Winding Road
From The Shadows is a collection of short horror stories written by thirteen authors, not just me. TRIAD Publishing Group is the publisher Editorial Reviews Product Description Embrace the darkness in this collection of stories from ...
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From The Shadows
Buddy Fairy takes his very best friend, Nay-Nay Rabbit, on an adventure to catch the magnificent purple moonshine butterfly, the tiniest fairy butterfly in all of Fairyland. Together they get a lesson in conservation. In another adventure, Buddy Fair...
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The Adventures Of Buddy Fairy And Friends
  Review:  Mel’s Journal: The Journey Home is an intense compelling read. You feel as if you get to know all the characters involved, crying with them as they try to cope with everything life has dealt them. Mel and Jenny were cle...
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Mel's Journal
John Tyler is the human form of an ancient demon who walks among them. He has but one desire: to devour the human race.  Face it, you can run, girls, and you can scream. But there is no place to hide, and no one to hear you. To his will, you wi...
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Conceiving Evil

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