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Our names are Kathy and Karen Sills, yes we are twins.  We live in Harrisville Mississippi with our Mom and dog Molly.  We have an older brother, Michael who lives in North Carolina.  We love to write, and have a passion for cooking too.  One day we hope to drive one of those trucks with a kitchen! We are currently working on a cookbook together! Our first children's book was born when we needed a story for our class, we are both preK teachers.

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The Storm In Jillian's Room
Bobbie wakes up from a dream about the toy store. He decides to go ask his Mommy if she will take him. When Bobbie's Mommy tells him no he throws a tempertantrum.  He has to go to time out! During time out he has to learn how to deal with...
Available Now!
Feelings, Feelings, Feelings

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