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Katie Alexander has loved the written word since she was a small child.  It started with reading the back of her Fruit Loops cereal box at breakfast and progressed to pretending to be sick so she could stay home from high school to finish a tawdry romance.  Now that she’s older and hopefully wiser she still reads romance, but now Katie has taken the next step and is writing her own romance with writing partner Kelli Lee Mosley at her side.  It took three years to finish, but between Katie and Kelli, Another Chance became a reality.  

For fun you can find Katie in the garage with power tools to the horror of her family.  For some reason they won’t let her take the car apart and put it back together.  They however let her put together computer desks and closet organizers. 

A Peek Into the Life of Katie Alexander

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To find out more about Katie Alexander please visit her web site at her blog at You can also email her at katiealexander1@yahoo.comKatie loves to hear from her readers. 

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