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I like books that are funny and fun to read (and hot!) but also make me think or look at the world in a new way. I am influenced by magic realism, comparative mythology, and esoteric spiritual practices from around the world.

These days you’ll find me writing, pet sitting, juggling a number of freelance gigs, and reigning as my home’s domestic goddess. I live in the Midwestern U.S. with my husband, dog and cats. Alas, I have, as of yet, been unable to teach my husband how to purr.




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Current Releases
She just wants to make it through her whirlwind wedding. Too bad life isn’t cooperating.  Chloe thinks her life is just about perfect. She’s finally got her psychic abilities under control, her relationship with her father has nev...
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To Snarl or To Snuggle
Her gift could save a missing girl…or destroy her relationship forever. After receiving a troubling Tarot reading, Chloe just knows something big and bad is about to happen. Her ability to communicate with animals and shape-shifters is ...
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To Growl or To Groan
Chloe can “talk” to animals…so why can she hear the thoughts of this hot, green-eyed man?   Abandoned by her mother and raised by a father who’d given up on life, Chloe doesn’t let anyone get close. Luck...
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To Hiss or to Kiss

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