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Science Fiction Romance author Kayelle Allen says her heart-age is slightly above twenty-one, and then negates that with a short wave and admits "more like twelve, actually." She's married to what she calls her "own personal hero" and firmly believes that Romance Lives Forever. She rocks out to heavy metal, hard rock, has everything by Metallica and Rammstein, but has fallen in love with Adam Lambert on American Idol.

She developed a broad sweep of ten-thousand years of future history, wrote a feline language, and created tradestandard laws. She's written two romance series for Liquid Silver Books, created a 130-page website which includes a tour of the empire where her books take place, and has coordinated numerous multi-author online promos. In 2008 she re-released a het story from an EPPIE Finalist Fantasy and wrote a Christmas anthology with author-friend Sultry Summers at Shadowfire Press. In early 2009 she released Surrender Love, the first book of a trilogy with Loose Id. Kayelle founded Marketing for Romance Writers, a no-fee group that helps authors of all genres learn about marketing and provides opportunity to practice in the real world.

Romance Lives Forever is Kayelle's personal yahoo group, which she opens to authors for contests, excerpts (any heat level or genre), to share news, and will schedule chats with them upon request. It’s an open and diverse group with content that runs the gamut from sweet romance to hot ménages, m/m, f/f, and just about any letter combination you can think of.
A Note From Kayelle Allen

My promise to readers...

I promise to give you a complex plot that immerses you
in an erotic tale and provides plenty of unexpected action, 
in settings so real you’ll swear you've been there.

Kayelle Allen

Current Releases
Waking in the middle of the night, Izzorah begins to worry. His lover has pledged to take him back to visit his homeworld, but Izzorah knows the fact that they're gay could cause their death if the Kin Pride Council hears about it. Izzorah'...
Available Now!
Forbid My Heart
Khyff is a master of pleasure with a tortured soul. Can Mehfawni redeem the man her people destroyed, or will he destroy her for trying? When Kin Ambassador Mehfawni Ruh visits the capitol planet of the Tarthian Empire, she meets the human Khyff...
Available Now!
For Women Only
The Vhalgenn must protect the royal heir, but can she endure betraying the king she loves? Duty to king and country shaped her life since birth. To protect them, she must betray all she holds sacred. For if she takes the newborn prince to the quee...
Available Now!
The Last Vhalgenn
Surrender Love It's not rebound, payback, loneliness, or even the great sex, and it's way beyond love. It's surrender.   In the beds of countless lovers, the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr has been mastered as well as master. Commanded and commander....
Available Now!
Surrender Love
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen Passion. Addiction. Loyalty. Can true love bare its heart forever?   Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, an enhanced human. He moves from the Conqueror's favorite pleasure slave to her personal assistant by learning the ke...
Available Now!
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen

A Peek Into the Life of Kayelle Allen

Kayelle & Sherrilyn Kenyon DragonCon 2007

Kayelle & Sherrilyn Kenyon DragonCon 2007
Kayelle & Kiernan Kelly DragonCon 2007

Kayelle & Kiernan Kelly DragonCon 2007
Kayelle & Ally Blue DragonCon 2007

Kayelle & Ally Blue DragonCon 2007
Kayelle & Sabrina Luna DragonCon 2007

Kayelle & Sabrina Luna DragonCon 2007

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